Join us in endorsing Royal Farms to benefit the Hamilton Community.


Support Royal Farms for a More Vibrant Community

We urge you to add your signature to this petition, as we believe that the Royal Farms development will contribute to a more beautiful, safe, and economically vibrant community. Your support is invaluable in making our neighborhood an even better place to live and thrive. 

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Petition to Build Royal Farms at 5901 Harford Road

We, the undersigned residents and supporters of the Hamilton neighborhood, express our wholehearted endorsement for the establishment of a Royal Farms convenience store and gas station at 5901 Harford Road. This endeavor brings a wealth of advantages to our community, such as:

Beautifying a vacant lot: This development will transform currently unused land into green spaces and landscaping, significantly improving the visual appeal of our neighborhood.

Job Creation: The Royal Farms project is expected to bring 30-40 new job opportunities to our area, with competitive wages and benefits. This will not only provide employment but also boost our local economy.

Community Benefits: With Royal Farms as a neighbor, our community will benefit from the increased tax revenue that ultimately goes to supporting local schools and vital government initiatives.


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Time: 10:00 PM

Location: Board of Municipal and Zoning Appeals
Planning Department Boardroom
417 E. Fayette Street, 8th Fl.
Baltimore, MD 21202